Team Akshar Ganesh Kala wants you to feel a great experience with simple and easy processes of using website and our services. However we understand that you might have a few questions that we hope to help you with answers through AGK HELP DESK. Here in this section, you will get detailed information about overview of My Account Page, Managing Your Downloads, Address Book, Wish List Page, Account Details, Procedure if you forgot your Password or you want to Rest Password. If your query is not solved by answers in this section, please contact us directly with any questions or comments that you have.

A very easy and simple steps procedure will help you for registering new account with Akshar Ganesh Kala.

1)  Visit Akshar Ganesh Kala , click on "Login / Register" in the Top Bar Menu.

2) In Registration Form, enter username, email id and password for creating account at Akshar Ganesh Kala. It will now send an email verification link to email id (you entered in this form), to verify existence of your email id.

3) Find verification email received by Akshar Ganesh Kala in your Inbox / Spam / All Mail section.

4) Click on the verification link that you see in the email message body to get your account activated successfully.


SUCCESS !!! You are now a verified user/member of Akshar Ganesh Kala. Now Login into your account and Enjoy all our services.

"My Account" Section at Akshar Ganesh Kala is a one spot solution for you to enjoy many of our website account facilities easily.

If you are new to Akshar Ganesh Kala (still not registered), simply Click Here to register new account. Its very fast and easy !!!

"My Account" Section helps you with different links and information those are required to handle and manage your Akshar Ganesh Kala Personal Account. It is made simple for you to managing account details, your orders, downloads, address book, managing wish lists and so on.

Using Akshar Ganesh Kala account is FREE to do the following:

    1) Orders - check all your recent orders and view its detailed information.

     2) Downloads - view all your digital products / files here.

     3) Addresses - manage your shipping and billing address

     4) Personal Details - modify your personal account details.

     5) Wish List - Add, update and delete your Wish Lists.

To perform all these actions, please remember that you must log into your account and if you don’t have an account yet, then our system will request you to create an account.

In cases when you are opting in for any Digital Product Purchase at Akshar Ganesh Kala, you receives order email after successful payment, containing order details and digital files those you ordered.

But, if any time you lose access to email or lose that digital file; Don't worry, Downloads section is there for you for the lifetime of you account existence. You can access your downloads there by any time you wish.

Order at Akshar Ganesh Kala can be created submitting Billing Address and/or Shipping Address.

For rapid checkout, Akshar Ganesh Kala features an address book feature, designed to make it easier for you to save your addresses for later use, to which your orders may be shipped or billed during checkout.

You may create and save as many shipping addresses as you like and to save your time select it directly while purchasing products.

Every registered user on Akshar Ganesh Kala gets a personal account for managing their personal account details and accessing features of Akshar Ganesh Kala through this account. For creating any order at Akshar Ganesh Kala, user requires an account to be registered and verified.

Your account details contains First Name, Last Name, Display Name(username), Email Address. You can use your username or email id to Log In into Akshar Ganesh Kala.

Akshar Ganesh Kala believes in giving you more possible service in return to what you are paying to us. You can visit "Offers and Rewards" for detailed information on discount coupons and rewards.

Akshar Ganesh Kala, want to give you more through discount coupons. As being a registered user of Akshar Ganesh Kala, you get a managed coupon section in your My Account Page.

Here you will see all coupons that you are eligible to use. Section divided into 2 parts as 'Available Coupons' and 'Used / Expired Coupons'.

    Available Coupons - White Color

    Used Coupons - Gray Color

    Expired Coupons - Yellow Color

Wish List refers to a secured and private page where you can incorporate and save products that you would like to buy in future. This means that you do not have to waste time in searching for products later. The best part is that you can add almost every item to your Wish List. However, before you can enjoy the benefits of Wish List, you need to first create an account at Akshar Ganesh Kala.

Adding Items

Adding items in the Wish List is easy. To add an item, you simply need to click on the 'Add to Wish List' button. You can find the button in the product information page, below the item features information. Click on this link and the product will be automatically added to your list.

In case you are yet to open an account, the program will instruct you to do so while placing an item in the Wish List.

Deleting a Wish-List Item

If you want to delete any item from your Wish List, first login to your account. Click on "WishList" option located in the menu (Mobile View) or in top bar menu (Desktop View). Now, click on the “Delete” button i.e. CROSS icon located before the desired item and it will be deleted.

View my Wish List

You can avail your Wish List in different ways:

     1) Click on "WishList" option located in the menu (Mobile View) or in top bar menu (Desktop View).

     2) Visit your Akshar Ganesh Kala's My Account page and click on the "Wish List" link.

Privacy - All your wish lists under your Akshar Ganesh Kala account are always private.

Akshar Ganesh Kala frequently sends discount coupons, emails, and newsletters containing special offers, helpful catalogs and articles to our clients and/or users. If you want to receive latest news and information about Akshar Ganesh Kala, check on the checkbox while registering your account with us (By default it is already checked).

Should you decide to stop receiving email notifications about special offers, you can remove your mailing address from our list any time by unsubscribe from our notifications placed at the bottom section of our promotional email. You can also unsubscribe by getting in touch with our customer service team, or contact them in case you require help.

If you've forgotten your Akshar Ganesh Kala's account password, you can retrieve it on the Login / Register page:

     1) Click the Lost your password? link

     2) Enter the email address or username you use to sign in to Akshar Ganesh Kala and click Submit

     3) If the email address you entered is in our records, we'll email password reset link to that address.

    4) You will be redirected to Akshar Ganesh Kala upon clicking on the reset password link in email.

    5) Now you can set a new password to your account.

If you're unable to sign in, clear your browser's cookies and saved passwords or try to sign in with a different browser. If you still have problems login in to your account,contact us and we will reset the password for you.

Some time you may feel that your password is leaked to some one and you want now to secure your account by changing your password.

Changing password using "Lost Your Password?" link can be a lengthy procedure.

Don't worry ! Now you can RESET PASSWORD directly from your My Account page.

    1) Log In into Akshar Ganesh Kala.

    2) Click on "Account Details" in Vertical Menu Visible to you.

    3) Change your password under "Password Change" section. Fill current password, then new password that you want to keep and confirm new password.

If you are unable to reset your password then you can send us email from your registered email id for asking us to do so for you. Team AGK will send you a password reset link.